Let’s get ready to rumble!

My first post…
Should this be just an introduction to me? Should it say something about the blog’s theme?
Well, you will know me for what I write and the blog is going to be filled with my life experiences. I promise I won’t be extremely self centered… my cat is a wonderful subject too!

Why should you spend your precious time reading my thoughts, you wonder?
I don’t know. Maybe because you live in some other country or you’re interested in other lifestyles and opinions. Maybe because I want to share my days so you can feel comfortable to share yours.
Maybe because this is the only place where I can talk about what I think is interesting and not sound painfully boring.

Will this blog be just “bla bla bla”?
Yes, you came to my hell (insert evil laugh)… No, you can relax because it will also have videos, photos and music, of course.
I guess no one will see this for a while but here I am… starting 2013.

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