A letter to the 10-year-old me

Don’t you just want to go back to being a child? I feel like this all the time.
Back then, everything was so easy and the only thing we wanted was to be grown ups. Somehow, we found responsibilities a good thing.
Just as time went by, I realized that I wasn’t getting much bigger and being older wasn’t really such a good idea. So, now, because I don’t now how to manipulate time (yet), I decided to write ME a letter.
“Dear 10-year-old me,
I know you’re beginning to learn English and you need to find a way to translate this so I’ll try to keep everything simple.
I love you. And mom, dad and The Guys love you too. You never heard this from anyone but it’s true. Don’t wait for them to say it. Just believe me.
If I know you, the first thing you want to know is how I look and what I do. Well, I’m probably just 10 cm taller than you and my face is not very different. People sometimes say I’m 15! Also, I’m not a vet and I’m not studying to be one. Don’t start crying. It’s not because something went wrong. It’s just because I chose a different path along the way. I’m learning how to make movies and tell stories. Sounds good, right?
You’re probably wondering how it is to be almost 20. I have to tell you something: IT’S HARD!
I’m happy and I live a normal life but nothing seems to work exactly as you expected and we both hate not being prepared.
Responsibilities are not as fun as you think! And wait until you start being responsible for more than homework. Brace yourself for some ugly crying before some exams.
For some reason, I don’t feel grown up. I just feel that I’ve grown, if that makes sense…
You’re probably thinking I have a boyfriend, this amazing guy that loves me and sees me as the most awesome girl in the world…. If he exists, I haven’t found him.
I’m not really looking anymore. It’s fine to be a little worried about boys but you’ll understand that there are more important things. Or at least, you’ll realize that it’s not the only important thing.
I’m still lazy, I still think animals are the greatest thing on earth, I still love cartoons and I still talk to myself… I hope that is reassuring!
You want to see something? Look at your kitten!
Here he is now…

Still a kitten at heart, I promise!
It’s pretty much what happens to us.
You will change a lot in 10 years but you’ll never stop dreaming.
Remember that a lot of your plans will end up almost unrecognizable and don’t be sad when mom and dad fight because they will always be able to love each other the next day.
When the time comes, don’t be jealous of The Guys’ girlfriends. They are really nice, actually.
Start saying yes more. Start loving to be outside. Start looking for things you love to do. Start doing them. Start reading more. Start watching more movies. Start being comfortable around other people. Don’t stop swimming. Don’t stop playing the violin. Don’t underestimate others. Keep hugging mom every morning. Keep writing on your journal.
Enjoy being a kid for as long as you can.
P.S: If you want to not be hot in summer days, don’t you ever stop wearing skirts!”

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