Stop punishing yourself

Lying is bad! I’m a bad person!

“I’m ready! Take me away”

Knowing myself, I should never have made a promise like the “taking photos everyday” one. In the first couple of days everything was smooth but suddenly things started to happen and I stopped blogging.

Do you realize how stupid that is? When exciting things happen I don’t write about them but the second my life gets boring I turn on the computer and come here to complain.

This made me think about all those times I feel bad for doing things I wasn’t supposed to or for not doing what I should.

When you break a promise something inside breaks too, whether you did it on purpose or not. The same thing happens when you lie to someone or just unintentionally hurt them.
It’s ugly and you may cry but at the end of the day, there’s nothing better than saying you’re sorry and move on.

It’s like a broken necklace when all the pearls are scattered through the floor.
The only thing to do is pick them up, go buy another string and put them together.

Eventually you stop looking at the little white spheres and think about a way of cleaning the mess. When everything is finished, the necklace will be stronger than it was before and you’ll feel better because you were able to fix it.

Yes, this is just a dramatic picture
to enlighten you on pearls

Feelings are just like pearls: they’re fragile and can be all over the place at one point but when you take the time to stop punishing yourself and do something about it, you realize that maybe whatever happened was for the best.

It made you stronger and not just in a pop-song-way.

This is about accepting when you’re wrong. It’s about losing whatever pride might have clouded your judgement before and see clearly what you need to do in the future. The truth is that no matter how long you think about what happened, there’s always going to be new moments to make mistakes.

Then you see the real beauty in life: at every corner there’s a new lesson to learn.

Ok, it’s a wrap for today.
I’ll do an update of my life soon even though nobody really cares.

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