Planning a vacation – Part 1

This summer I’ll be going on a 5 day trip to Germany and I thought this would be a nice opportunity to share my planning experience with you.

To me it’s essential to have a journal where I can write everything I need to think about: the days I’ll be away, the places I’ll go, the amount of clothing I’ll wear and of course, all the things that should be taken care of before the trip.

I like having cute journals because it gives me the motivation to write things down

Since my brother already took care of the plane tickets and because I’m staying with family, I won’t need to worry about any documents.
After checking the weather I start planning outfits. If I need to buy clothes or products I write it down too.

I will only take a carry on bag with me on the plane because it’s enough for 5 days (watch out for part 2 of planning a vacation!).

It’s always a good thing to know if you’re going to spend most of the days walking, sightseeing or just lying on the sand. For me, it will probably be mostly sightseeing and one day enjoying a really big amusement park (just because I love roller coasters!).

Since there will be a small ceremony while I’m there, I’ll need to think about a simple light dress.

…small pause for notes…

to be continued…

Tell me all about your vacation plans for this year. Where will you go? How long are you staying there? Also, do you like organizing everything like me?

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