Q & A a day: 5 year journal

Look what just arrived in the mail!

I saw this journal on Amazon and fell in love with it. Arrived at the perfect timing since I decided to change a lot of things this Summer.
I think the design is perfect because it makes my bedside table even prettier which allows me to remember to write on it everyday.
And what is the concept, you may ask? This is a journal but not a regular one.
With Q & A a day: 5 year journal, you have to do precisely that. Answer a question a day for 5 years. You can begin whenever you want because when you’re back at where you started you just need to skip a line and answer the first question again. Since it’s already a new year, the answer can be different if you changed along the way.
Everyday there’s a new subject. You can pick a color, answer philosophically or even describe what kind of room you’re in. It’s that simple and it can give you so much perspective about your own life.
I started today with “Do you need a cold shower?”
Let’s see where this goes.
For me, this kind of book is essential because I think too much and I dream even more. To be able to read exactly where I was and what was going through my mind at a certain point in these 5 years will be really helpful to the 25 year-old me.
What about you? Do you like keeping journals?

2 thoughts on “Q & A a day: 5 year journal

  1. Linda Pochinda says:

    this is such a great idea! I've seen journals alike but this is the best so far. Especially for someone like me who's so bad at keeping a daily journal and figure out what to write. also the design is so simple and pretty.
    personally i don't keep a journal though but i have a little moleskin that i bring with me everywhere i go and write in whenever my heart feels like it.

    btw you have a such a beautiful blog!

    xxx linda // http://www.lindapochinda.blogspot.com


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