A weekend in paradise

Hey there!

I recently came back from a relaxing weekend with my family in a gorgeous house near the river and the beach. This is the River House near Vila Praia de Âncora or Caminha, here in the north of Portugal.
That’s right! I combined the best of both worlds. In fact I ended up not going out much because, as you will see, I had a lot to explore just inside the gates.

We arrived on Friday with a full moon shining above the green lawn but the real adventure began the next morning. I woke up to the most beautiful view (I even instagrammed it). The sun was beaming over the trees, I could hear the river flowing and the fresh air was liberating.
There was a lot of room to run and play volleyball and a small pool to cool down. After my wod (workout of the day, of course) there was a little trip to the beach and after lunch I had to go all professional photographer and capture what my eyeballs were seeing.

This pond was full of small frogs that would jump away from me and laugh at my stupid attempts of photographing them.
You had to be there just to see me run from this bee after I got the shot. Oh well, always conquering bee land one furious bee at a time.

That day we ended up going to the river just “down the road” and, with a small boat, we rowed to the waterfall. I didn’t take my camera and I never got a chance to go back but I’ll just say it was breathtaking.

And just like that, one day went by and Sunday arrived with the same wet grass from the night’s dew.

After relaxing and spending time together we came home to start a new week feeling refreshed and hopeful.
What about you? Have you ever been to a sanctuary for your thoughts?

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