Everyday Outfit

I was playing around on Polyvore and decided to create an outfit. Welcome to my everyday style and let’s remember that no, I don’t have blue eyes or a t-shirt worth 110€.
I would classify this look if I knew what to call it but I think it’s pretty similar to what I choose for me.

Everyday No-Fuss Wear

Everyday No-Fuss Wear by daleian

Because I’m in love with ankle boots and colored jeans, there had to be some. And since I don’t take many risks in the wardrobe department and usually stick to basics, statement pieces always have my attention.
I really like loose t-shirts that I can just tuck in the front of my pants and not worry about stretching or anything like that so this wolf one is a great example.
I recently bought a blouse similar to this one for Fall and they are so comfortable, which is essential if I really need to be outside and not in my pajamas.
The watch and studs (I see Revenge’s infinity things everywhere!) are a matter of survival since I hate to be “earring-less” and I need to have busy wrists all the time. The bag is perfect for everyday use and seems strong enough to hold a lot of junk, and this is the main reason I chose it. The necklace is just to accessorize. 
Finally let’s talk about the hair effortlessly hanging down that model’s shoulders. Mine is like this for 5 minutes once I step out of the shower and instantly starts to be all frizzy and awful, but you get the point.
What did you think about my adventures as a fashion blogger? Did you like the outfit or should I just stay away from Polyvore?

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