KIKO haul – Lips, skin and nails

Today there was a mailman at the door with a box for me. It was from KIKO Make Up Milano. An order I had placed 2 weeks ago.

You may not know my love for make up but I promise that by the end of this post you will.

This summer I discovered the KIKO store because of my brother’s wedding. I was looking for a red lipstick to go with a winged liner and this new store had opened in my local mall. Everything seemed extremely good and the prices were very reasonable. I ended up buying and loving the KIKO Smart Lipstick in number 908, a true red perfect for the look I wanted.

This brings us to November and my sudden desire to try other products. I went online and lost consciousness until it was time to click the purchase button.

Here are my new beauty acquisitions (all the links are on the label of this picture):

Let’s start with the less attractive but necessary blotting papers, eye base primer and eye shadow brush.
Like all KIKO products, the packaging is very appealing and professional but at the same time extremely functional.
There are 100 blotting papers that come in a smooth white rubber container that is easy to carry in your purse and has a dispenser inside that allows you to use only one at a time and protects the rest from germs and bacteria.
I haven’t tested the eye primer yet but the website mentions it’s power to neutralize your skin tone and hold on to your eye shadow, which a lot of bloggers have said it’s true.
The brush has a strong tip and seems to be very good for precision touches and for my favorite winged liner look.

The bronzer has a slightly darker tone than in the picture and will be very useful for contouring. The package is really smooth and the only thing to point out is the small amount of scattered powder on the edges, probably from the way people handle the mail box.

My second favorite bunch are the nail polishes. I ordered the black one because it’s a staple color and the other two just scream Fall to me. The middle one is a grayish color that’s a lot grayer in real life. The last one is a muted dark green which, once again, is a lot greener in person. I chose them for being neutrals and working with a lot of outfits.

The last two are my favorite. I don’t wear lip products everyday besides my Greenland Lip Balm (the smell of passion fruit is amazing) so having a nude is not a dramatic change and using a colored lip gloss that has almost no weight on your lips feels equally good.
One thing I have to say is that the ergonomic packaging makes the lipstick look expensive and if you’re not sold yet, keep reading.
The lipstick has a hint of pink and orange and the creamy lipgloss is a very pigmented dark pink.
The downside of the nude is that it does not work well if you have dry lips because it enhances the dryness. Just make sure you exfoliate and hydrate before using it. On the other hand, the lip gloss has the feeling of a balm and is really nourishing.

Every picture was shot with natural light and I think that both lip products work really well with my skin tone, even though the dark one makes my skin look paler.

Now tell me, did you enjoyed this haul? What are your favorite beauty products right now?

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