Why I love Instagram

I fall in love easily when it comes to technology. I also happen to love everything that exists as an app… Then I discovered Instagram in all its glory.

Some people find it vain, obnoxious and time consuming. That may be partly true but, to me, this is a great place to share moments and go through other people’s experiences…

There are challenges to keep you active in the network and plant creativity, there are hashtags, those little devils that turn into a link to let other people know about your photo (this comes in handy if you like to receive hearts or love), there are cute cat and baby pictures, there is that incredible dish your friend cooked and those inspirational quotes that aren’t even considered pictures but some people insist on sharing.

Either way, here are some of my photos.
There is my summer with books, the beach, flights, workouts and gifts.
There are days: bad days conquered with smiles and good days filled with laughter.
There is my cat and its cuteness.
There are creative and artsy moments.
There are fashion statements and movie premieres.
There is my cat again.
If you want to follow me just search for themagnolia or go to http://instagram.com/themagnolia .

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