2013, lessons and great people

The Earth is starting its journey around the Sun again and this is a new year. Hopefully, a great one for us and The Magnolia.
Porto 2013/2014
New Year’s Eve is a magical night… and the longest. I finally understand why.
The first thing is that drunk people start being drunk sooner, which is not particularly bad if you’re one of the tipsy and joyous.
The second rule about this special night is that there is love everywhere and you have to experience it.
So, where was I a few hours ago?
Celebrating this magic: the good spells and the bad curses. It’s all about the balance, many powerful wizards may say.
Reflecting on this past year, I can say it was the best and the worst. But each moment taught me what is love and union.
I learnt that family, by blood or love bonds, is the strongest thing we have.
I learnt that people have your back when they believe in you and what you’re building… or just because they love you.
I learnt that, in a bad situation, silence is just as good as a hug or a kind word.
I learnt that great people do great things. They get married, run marathons, stretch money and fight cancer.
With these lessons I learnt the biggest one: Great people support, read, follow, dream, smile and that is all you.
Thank you for being 2013 for me. I could never say goodbye to you so I just hope you can be 2014 and I say Hello.

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