The day I met Phillipe aka The day I went horseback riding for the first time

A few years ago I received an experience as a gift, you know, those cards that someone gives you and you can choose what to do from a variety of different options.
I chose to go horseback riding because I’ve loved horses for a long time but they don’t walk around, or I guess, trot near my house, as far as I know. It would be something completely different from what I was doing everyday and that is what those gifts are all about.
It was Spring and the place where I was supposed to go was at the top of some mountains. After a long but beautiful car ride, filled with gorgeous views, me and my parents arrived.
What happens every time I do something different, or when I’m about to go into the unknown, is panic. Panic or extreme anxiety reflects on me as a terrible fear of not being prepared, feeling like every part of my body is shaking and my breaths are not enough. Inside I’m ready to bolt but outside I look relatively normal.
After the check-in, which was just signing some paperwork, we were called to go outside and see the horses. By this time, I was breathing really deep and slowly.
The guide explained how we should react, helped us with the helmet and brought the horses outside, one by one. Seeing these guys walk by, taller than me and completely nonchalant, made me realize that they did this a lot. It made me relax a little, knowing that they were trained and that, even with an ignorant like me riding them, it would probably be easier than I expected.
Don’t get me wrong, I was still pretty scared.
I was introduced to my horse and he was the smallest but not small. He resembled one I had seen before. I just couldn’t remember where.
The instructor helped me up and there I was, looking down on my horse, feeling completely helpless because he was moving by himself and I didn’t know what to do except hold the reins. After trying some of the movements the guide explained earlier I was able to feel a lot more in control and I started to acknowledge this sense of awesomeness!
As soon as we were comfortable enough and tired of riding in circles, we left for the woods. Let me tell you, riding a horse is hard because they can be stubborn but when you are able to enjoy the view and connect with that powerful animal, it really is an amazing experience.
There you are, being carried by a gentle soul, feeling the breeze in your face, learning to feel at ease with yourself.
When we were back at the ranch, I was so happy, so incredibly content and satisfied. Not only was I able to overcome anxiety but I also did something that I thought I couldn’t do. There is no greater feeling than that.
After being helped down, I had time to pet this exquisite creature and it hit me! He was Phillipe! The horse from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast!
Probably not really him, since he was a fairy tale cartoon character but there were the same colors, the same hair on his feet and head, the same white spot above his nose… I was feeling pretty great to be hanging out with that guy! Let’s not forget he faced wolves and a really dark forest once!
He is just like Phillipe! Don’t wreck my dreams!
I totally am Belle from Beauty and the Beast! . . . OK! Maybe not. But it was nice to feel a little like her.
This post is also a part of my DayDreaming page. Go check it out if you want to discover a little more craziness.

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