Tea selection – Lipton, Yogi Tea and Rituals

I’ve always loved to buy things that would allow me to feel something.

From music to movies and books… I will spend an obnoxious amount of time trying to decide between them.

This is my new discovery: I love tea. It’s not just about boiling water and adding flavor.
It’s about drinking sensations.

Are you a tea lover?
No matter what your answer is, you need to try these ones… Because it’s tea time!

Let’s begin with Lipton’s Forest Fruit Tea. It’s a “berry, berry exciting taste” (they get points for trying to be funny).

It’s described as black tea with berries and cherries (strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, blackberry and cherry). It comes in 20 pyramid bags and is Rainforest Alliance certified. After 2 to 3 minutes you can remove the leaves and enjoy.

It’s exciting like New York.

The aroma is strong and fruity and you can feel mostly the berries. It definitely is an innovative taste too.
It is a tea for when you need creativity because of its sweetness and fresh qualities.
After drinking it there is pure happiness.

Next up is Yogi Tea’s Relax bio infusion. “Relax your senses and find tranquility”

This time you have 17 regular bags and it takes a little longer to get the full flavor (6 to 7 minutes). Just like it says in the box, this tea is made from organic farming, which makes it even better.

Leave it to these frogs to appreciate peace.

It is filled with a variety of flowers and spices (linden, chamomile, fennel, cardamom, barley malt, licorice, hibiscus, alfalfa, raspberry plant leaves, orange peel, rose hips, cinnamon, ginger, clove and black pepper), which you can tell just by it’s strong scent. It’s almost impossible to distinguish the aromas in it and you never smell the same thing twice.
It is my favorite in the taste department because it’s comfort and contentment in a mug.
Perfect for cozy nights in, this tea is kindness!

If you know about Rituals you know how good their teas are. If you don’t, pay attention and be careful! You’ll be immediately sold if you’re a sucker for beautiful packaging.

First: Cape Delight, “mild and sophisticated taste”.

You’ll buy 20 pyramid-shaped bags that stay in hot water for 4 to 6 minutes.

London is as elegant as this tea.

It is a full-bodied infusion from leaves of the African Rooibos bush. It is not strong and it’s aroma is as warm as it’s taste. It helps with the digestion and metabolism processes.
Because it is tein free, it won’t steal your sleep if you want to drink it before bed. In fact, I recommend it! After a stressful day, this tea is a well deserved pause. It brings calm to your life.

Finally: Jasmine Delight, “the uplifting tea”.

Like Cape Delight, this box comes with 20 pyramid-shaped bags but each one only needs to stay under water for 3 minutes.

Cats are just as sensitive and provocative.

This is a combination of the anti-oxidants and exciting properties of the green tea with the delicate and calming jasmine flowers.
This tea is the winner in the aroma department. It is such a beautiful smell, if anyone can say that. But don’t be fooled by this soft approach because this has one of the strongest tastes.
Good tea for mornings because of it’s ability to awaken our body. It’s the right way to wake up.

You know about the food for thought, but what about a drink for the soul?

Note: I wrote this entire post sitting next to a fire and listening to a playlist I just discovered on Spotify called Music for Writing. I was never a person capable of reading or writing with music but these songs are actually kind of perfect for creativity to bloom. It also goes well with tea! 🙂

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