New name?

After a long and painful separation from this web world, I’m back!

From finishing a semester, going through a body (and mind) transformation thanks to Dietbet and overcoming some really complicated days, there is finally enough room to let this part of my life work again.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a very important change here:

We have a new name! 

For every new person we meet, there’s all these expectations that will or will not be fulfilled…

Now, when someone new finds this blog they’ll know one thing instantly: this writer is (not) The Sweetest Girl.
Hopefully, they won’t be fooled by a cute smile and pastel colors; they won’t expect kindness; they won’t be looking for delightful stories or charming tales. Silly or weird topics perhaps…

With a new name a makeover is in order. Maybe it will happen soon (just make sure you expand your idea of “soon”)…

P.S.: My hair was also a victim of my crazy appetite for change.

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