From thinker to doer in 3 easy steps

Eternity isn’t some later time. Eternity isn’t a long time. Eternity has nothing to do with time. Eternity is that dimension of here and now which thinking and time cuts out. This is it. And if you don’t get it here, you won’t get it anywhere. And the experience of eternity right here and now is the function of life.” – Joseph Campbell

If you read that quote, your mind might have just been blown away. At least mine was.

The thing is: I’m guilty of living by plans and goals. If there’s not something to be done I lose interest. I even start to feel depressed (yes, it’s that strange!). I need to have stuff to look forward to.

For example:

1. Having a race that involves training and commitment,

2. Writing for this blog, which is constant work filled with tiny achievements,

3. Having a concert, a trip or any other fun activity because it allows me to be happy about the future.

I’m never “in the now”. So if you tell me to live the moment I will probably come up with a list of how I’ll do it tomorrow.

But that quote made me think: If life is actually “the experience of eternity right here and now”, I’m not living. I’m only planing my life and seeing how others live it.
If I’m understanding this correctly: I’m watching my own life pass through me. If I look back there is no epic achievement or more than a couple of big dreams that came true. There is just a pile of planned days and failed attempts.

I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling like this, right?

But how do we go from thinkers to doers? Can we be both?

First, be the thinker. Embrace it! Start by looking for things that make you happy everyday (I’m Instagramming 100 Happy Days). It may seem vain or unimportant but this is a very useful step. By reflecting on the day you had and your achievements, you’ll know how to improve aspects of your life that aren’t working. Think about your routines, the food you put in your mouth, how much time you spent on the internet, how much time you spent learning something new, how many people have you interacted with…

Secondly, be the person you wish you were! Do more of what makes you happy (and all of those cliches)! It seems hard but start small.
Instead of thinking about talking with that friend (or crush), do it! Instead of picturing how good it would be to be able to run a 5k without stopping, start training! Instead of imagining how the perfect bedroom/outfit/recipe would be (and pinning the hell out of it on Pinterest), go out, find really cheap stuff and create things!… You get the point! (just so you know, I’m over here, thinking about how amazing it would be to actually make some money and I’m not looking for a job! There’s no better example.)

And lastly, be open to new things and experiment with different scenarios, drinks, food… It’s scary and it can make you question everything but as someone who’s afraid of the unknown, I feel like the more I know about the world around me, the more comfortable I become. That way we can all go out and do stuff and finally be just a little bit less thinkers and more doers.

What if we’re perfectly fine with the way we are? Then we wouldn’t be interested in this post, would we?

What are your tips to start living?

6 thoughts on “From thinker to doer in 3 easy steps

  1. Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] says:

    Oh my goodness this is so me… i plan EVERYTHING. I have a race coming up that I'm training for. I plan future trips and fun things. This post resonated with me a lot.

    I like the idea of the 100 happy instagrams. I think I should give this a try too.

    Love this post! Thank you for sharing!


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