100 Happy Days – day one to fifteen

This month I started the 100 Happy Days challenge.

The goal is to find one happy thing in every day and take a picture of it. I already noticed that I’m not only paying more attention to all my activities, I’m also being more thankful for what I have.

Day 1: The beginning of the 10 k training plan.
Day 2: This blog got a breath of fresh air!
Day 3: Daniel Craig (nothing left to say)
Day 4: My favorite health food – Yogurt Parfait
Day 5: My cat: in love with the sun.

Day 6: Dietbet winner (I had been craving veggie pizza)
Day 7: I just love sunsets.
Day 8: Women’s day!
Day 9: Baked some yummy cookies.
Day 10: Going home.

Day 11: My little friend.
Day 12: Sunny day.
Day 13:  A throwback to my 19th birthday party.
Day 14: Finally saw Monsters University!
Day 15: Another perfect sunset.

Follow me on Instagram to see these everyday! … and give it a try with the hashtag #100HappyDays! I would love to see your photos!

15 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – day one to fifteen

  1. Samsam Cherie says:

    This is such an awesome idea…i will absolutely be following you through this journey! I think it's wonderful to try and find at least one thing every day…it's amazing how many things we accidentally look over and take for granted. Cherish the little things and love those little moments!



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