A story with dogs

I fell in love with dogs before I knew cats.
When I was four, one of my brothers wanted a puppy and my parents found someone who just had a litter from a Labrador and a Cocker Spaniel. I can’t remember much, except coming home with this bundle of joy.
We named her Tuxa (pronounced Too-sha).

She was the sweetest puppy and even though there was a lot of ruined furniture, she grew up to be the most patient dog.
She was playful, happy and loved everyone (even that time we dressed her in this big t-shirt)

One day, an adventurous dog fell in love with her and jumped the fence. That was when Tuxa got pregnant. We were surprised to see her belly grow and two months later we had this:

7 puppies were born but one of them didn’t make it. In that picture you probably can’t tell them apart but the lucky number is 6!
Almost everyone got a new home but do you see the white princess?
We kept her and because she was pure white we named her Snow.

She was the most dominant of them all and grew up to be very stubborn.
Even though her mother had a lot of work raising her, she turned out so kind and, to this day, if someone approaches her, she will wiggle her tail and beg to play.

See: her tail just didn’t stay still 🙂

Every time we would take them for walks people would point out how cute it was to have a black dog and a white dog. I always thought so too!
But then, something a lot more amusing happened and Snow started to have spots on her belly.

You can see her wild personality right here!

Eventually her fur began to grow brown in two larger areas: one around her ear and another on the top of her tail, revealing her wild and unpredictable personality.

We had a lemon tree on our backyard and their favorite thing was to chase lemons. Snow was the faster and the only one who learnt to retrieve them.
She brings everything back after catching it… the problem is to get it out of her mouth.

They would sleep together in the same little house and when it was sunny, we always new they would be laying out next to each other in the sun.

Time flew by and before we knew it, our days with Tuxa had ended. She died with almost 16 years.
The next months were really hard on all of us but especially on Snow. She never slept in the same place again and we had to buy her a new dog house.

She learnt to be alone and she still lies in the sun, with almost 13 years.

She is older but not wiser or more patient. Time didn’t change her and I’m really glad she’s still able to run and retrieve lemons!

I wanted to write this post today because a lot is going to change very soon.
I said in my last post I was getting a puppy! (Can’t. Contain. My. Enthusiasm!)
He is a yellow Labrador named Flash and my brother is going to adopt one of his brothers, Roger. 
As you saw, bringing a puppy home is not something new to me. But bringing MY OWN puppy home is.
Even though I’m still living with my parents, this one is going to be my responsibility. Not only in a “I’ll pick up his poop” kind of way but in a “I’ll train him and pay his food and vet bills” way.
I’m really excited to see how Snow will feel since she was never happy to be alone. In a few months when the puppy will be able to meet other dogs and be outside, I’m hoping for a smooth transition for the white princess.

Flash is going to be a really big part of my life from now on and will eventually be in a lot of blog posts but if you just want to follow his adventures, be sure to like Roger & Flash’s Facebook page where you’ll be overloaded with cuteness every single day! Plus, it’s two for one! A really good bargain!
If you prefer Instagram, their username is: rogerandflash .
There is not much over there yet but once they’re home… and I mean, in less than 24 hours… prepare your heart because it is going to melt!
Tell me, what animals do you love? Are there dogs in your home? What is your “Dog Story”?
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7 thoughts on “A story with dogs

  1. Samsam Cherie says:

    Oh my goodness your dogs are so adorable! I love that Snow has the little spots on her belly…it's crazy how different dogs from the same litter can look!!!
    It's really sweet how much you can tell from this post how much your dogs mean to you 🙂 I'm sure your new puppy will love its new home! I wish I could have a puppy but unfortunately I'm at university and even though I'm off campus this year, it's back on campus for me in the fall 😦 But I already promised myself that I'm getting a chocolate lab when I graduate!!!

    Love love loved this post, and all of yours 🙂
    <3 Samsam


  2. Daleian says:

    Aww, thank you!
    Here we don't have to be away from home to go to college which is pretty awesome to me since I don't think I could handle it! And yeay for wanting a chocolate lab! They are so beautiful! 🙂


  3. Tracy says:

    This is so sweet! Loved reading your history with your puppies. And congrats on your new one, so exciting!!! My parents already had a dog when I was born, but she passed away when I was 4 so I don't remember her very much. We got what I consider to my “my” dog when I was 7 and had her for 13 years. I have never been so devastated as I was when she passed away. It took me a long time to feel ready to have another dog, and to get my first dog of my adult life, but my husband and I adopted one almost 2 years ago and I can't imagine life without him! He shares a birthday with my childhood dog – it feels like fate that he came into our lives!


  4. Elyssa @ The Wellness Doer says:

    My parents always had tons of animals when I was growing up… but we've always had dogs. My first was a cocker spaniel named Tafi… she was the sweetest thing. Now I have two dogs that were rescues from the pound. Sadie, a 65 pound Australian shepherd, mixed with collie and maybe bear. Griffin is a 70 pound lab golden retriever mix… both extremely hairy but very loving. They are my travel buddies, we do lots of road trips together 🙂


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