5 on Saturday – Puppies, Hair and Music Festivals

Well, let me get this out of my system first:

I’ve been away for too long. I don’t think I know how to write anymore!
And now, we can start:
It’s finally Summer which means it’s the Hot Dogs or Legs season again!

…and the semester is practically over. This means one of two things: I’ll be really busy writing and working over here or… I won’t be moving my lazy butt and this will be the only post until Fall.

Either way, let’s make the most out of it, shall we?
Let’s see what news I have for you…
1. Flash is growing so fast! He is getting so big you almost forget he’s only 3 and half months old.
I feel like a nostalgic mother wanting her child to be a baby again.
The first time we met and the present Flash.
2. In July, I’ll be doing the 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge from Simple Green Smoothies. This means I’ll be eating my regular meals but adding at least one green smoothie a day. All I need is a cute jar and I’m ready! Bring it on, spinach!

3. Tumblr has been my new rediscovered passion! Cute places, beautiful shots, what’s not to like? Check it out: daleian.tumblr.com .
4. I’ve never been to a huge music festival and I guess this is the year! Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers… I couldn’t miss it! So, Optimus Alive, here I come!
5. I think ‘ll be trying the L’OrΓ©al Beach Waves soon! Stay close to find out!
And that’s it! Maybe you didn’t think this was that exciting but give me a break: I’m just getting the hang on this thing again! πŸ™‚
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