Honestly… I miss writing! I miss so many things…

Starting posts and never ending them. This has been my blogging life.

I consider myself a lazy person. The kind of human that prefers to be inside, safe and comfortable rather than outside, doing things. And this goes for almost anything. If the unknown is captivating I’ll try it but if it doesn’t give me something rewarding right away, I’ll dismiss it. This sucks. But motivation needs work. And as I said, I consider myself a lazy person.

But how hard can it be? To write? In the comfort of my home!

To write about what matters. Not to gain followers or subscribers but to change things. To try and shake things up.
This was what I intended, a few months ago. To write for me instead of worrying about advertising and Facebook likes.

I’m not a company. I shouldn’t have to sell myself… but I guess I got caught up in that. I started to write for you and got worried about the number of comments and views.

Maybe I should pretend to be alone. Follow my own advice and just write. For me.

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