When I finished 4th grade and had to go to a different school by myself I was terrified that I wouldn’t make any new friends. I was afraid nobody would want to play with me.
On the first day of 5th grade, a girl invited me to play hide and seek with everybody and suddenly there I was: a shy 9 year old making new friends. That was the moment I met B and C, who have been my best friends, my sisters, for almost 12 years.
Here we go, C.
The majority of times, C and I were the last ones to go home and everyday while we waited for our parents, we started to bond.
Let’s just say that we are so close that in middle school, when we started to like boys, we once liked the same one. 
We have really different ways of seeing some situations and that can be a challenge or a blessing: I’m the optimist, she’s the pessimist. I’m the one who keeps hoping and she’s the one who helps me to hope a little wisely and safely. She keeps me grounded.
At the same time, we have the same opinions about almost every issue, subject, concept that comes up. Basically we have similar brains with different experiences and slightly different personalities.

I can’t even describe her sense of humor. It’s really hard to find someone outside my family who understands mine and I’ve hit the jackpot here. We’re both really sarcastic and it gets dark and weird but it’s never boring.

We almost never fight because we know that even if someone does something stupid it is never deliberately to hurt the other. I can’t remember the last time we did fight but I think it didn’t last long.

I know for a fact that she appreciates my opinion and I value hers immensely. We talk constantly and we know the other so well that when she talks to me like a thug or when I’m an asshole to her it’s normally because we care and we’re trying to make the other see things as they are.
If there is one thing that annoys me about her and I tell her all the time is that she doesn’t realize how much she’s worth and how many qualities and amazing skills she possesses. She brings herself down and it’s my job to get her back up. I like this job because I love her so much I want her to love and see herself as I do.

She is a caregiver. She takes care of people and forgets to take care of herself. But she’s also fierce and stubborn because only that way can you persuade others to do what’s best for them.
Through our huge meaningful discussions we force each other to answer questions even though the other doesn’t want to or doesn’t know the answer just because it needs to be said and we need to say it to feel better. As I read once “Pain demands to be felt.” and we try to get it over with as fast as possible.

I have to thank her for so many things.
She has been with me through hell and back. She’s witnessed my heart being broken, my soul being crushed, my ideas and convictions changing and she has endured everything without hesitating.
She is a warrior. Her life hasn’t been easy either and maybe our survival skills are what unite us so much.
We’ve been fighting through life together and we’ll do that forever.

We’ve cried in a bathroom, laughed so hard in a dressing room, talked over text until falling asleep and made fun of each other practically everywhere.

I don’t know if this post says more about her or our friendship but it’s supposed to be a gift.

I hope you like it, C.
I love you. And I’ll never stop.

2 thoughts on “C

  1. Samsam Cherie says:

    These kinds of friends are the best! It's like they complement you, and all the little gaps are filled in and it's just this awesome, solid friendship 🙂 I can be the pessimist a lot of times and having a friend who's an optimist is fantastic (way to go!). And then there are times when a friend of mine is a pessimist and I have to step up and be the optimist, and it makes us both grow as people and as friends. Those long talks, belly laughs in the dressing rooms, chats til you fall asleep….all marks of a true friendship you know will last and last. What a great post!
    ~ Samantha


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