happy endings

Since I was a little girl I’ve known how powerful stories can be. I love them.
They make us move and hope and dream. It’s all about emotion and how you connect to it.

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I prefer the love stories. Any kind of love. For me they’re the only type of stories worth living for. And I say living because I think I live for them, as a writer should. I live to read them, to see them, to write about them… I usually blame Disney and the princesses for all of this.

Narrowing it down to romantic love stories, let’s talk about the most incredible part: I root for the happy endings.
You know when, in books/movies, the guy or the girl does something that hurts the other? Or when they realize they’re hurt? That split second when you can see the sadness start to form in their eyes: that’s my favorite part. (sort of)
Call it my twisted mind or weird sense but that’s what I find one of the most romantic things in those stories. It needs to happen. It’s necessary for both the story continuity and entertainment purposes but, most of all, for the happy ending.
To allow someone to hurt you or to let yourself be hurt and feel hurt means you care. It ย means you gave the other person permission to carry your heart before it was smashed into tiny little pieces, even for just a few movie minutes, book pages or real life days.
When Savannah told John it was over through a letter, when Jane saw the article Kevin had written about her, when Noah broke up with Allie and when Leo walked away from Paige – that’s when you knew they loved each other. That’s when you knew they we’re meant to be together.
If film school has taught me anything, is that there are no coincidences in movies. Everything is planed out. Every word and character is there for a reason. So, if a couple fell in love and there’s this huge fight, it probably means they’re going to get their happy ending. (at least in “regular” storytelling)
Maybe this is part of the reason why I look at life the way I do. I don’t like bad endings or not-endings. For as long as I can remember I want everyone to live happily ever after.
It’s not like I think all real life couples are meant to be and should stay together despite everything (I’m a dreamer but not that naive). And it’s not like I think things are just that easy and filled with hearts and flowers but I kind wish they were… And that’s a big part in this whole life thing:
I believe that, even in those hard crushing moments we’re going to get out the other way, we’re going to get through it and find what we’ve been looking for.
I believe in love at first sight and its power. What many people would call crap I call faith.
To me, being a writer, a filmmaker, being someone who likes to read or watch movies means being someone who has faith. Faith that things are going to look up, that everything is going to be ok, that we’re going to get our happy ending.
At least that’s how I see it. Maybe this is just me rooting for my happy ending.


3 thoughts on “happy endings

  1. Food, Booze, & Baggage says:

    “To allow someone to hurt you or to let yourself be hurt and feel hurt means you care.”–So true, it's hard to keep in mind, but that is such a good way to think about it. I have to say I was never one of those who believed in “the one” and other such nonsense until I met my husband. He truly is my other half, my match. I'm much more of a romantic now, and I guess less of a naysayer ๐Ÿ™‚


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