Since B lent me a color pen that same day in 5th grade, we never stopped getting along.
She is the kind of person that even when everybody would ask her for something she would always do it and never say no.
We would sit on the same table and share school supplies and giggles for years.

She is just like me in so many ways… We’re both hopeful and we try to see the best in every situation. We have the same eye for what’s good or bad. We love similar things and we act in identical ways. I remember that if we could we would choose to stay together in almost every situation: classes, field trips…

Growing up we spent so much time with each other that people would ask if we were sisters. Even complete strangers could feel our bond.
I have so many nicknames for her. They allow us to remember something funny that happened before. When she gets mad I laugh even harder!
All through middle and high school we would talk about anything all the time. We would wake up and text each other right away, go to school and be together, go home and start texting on the way back. On family reunions and birthdays we would be with a phone in our hands.
Most of the time we would go to her house to write papers for school and do homework but we would never actually do anything besides joke around, talk a lot and play The Sims. She was the one who got me hooked on that game.
We were complete maniacs with it! We would know every characteristic, try every death possible, create thousands of creatures to watch them live awesome lives. Then we would forget about time and spend days playing. We would talk about it for hours and entertain ourselves with the most amazing stories about our little families.
Even though circumstances made us be apart for a year, it feels like we never stopped talking. It’s like our friendship is still unbreakable. 
I’ve felt suffering and pain but she learnt almost everything there is to know about it. She has mastered those feelings and wears them like armor. She is brave beyond compare and I would do anything to see her happy.
I’m sorry for all the hugs I couldn’t give you.
Just like C, she knows me. She knows who I am. She gets me. And that’s a really hard job! 
To be truthful she is a genuinely good person and once you get to know her: she is funny as hell! With B I feel like I can dream a little higher and smile a little longer.
Thank you for being patient, defending me and staying by my side through so many years. Thank you for helping me figure out what to do when I broke a tooth eating some fluffy french fry at your house. Thank you for supporting me in every decision I make.
I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time but I know one thing for sure. I love this person from the bottom of my heart. I wouldn’t be who I am without her.
Everything should be this simple.

To you, B.


3 thoughts on “B

  1. IamSuperMelski says:

    Awww what a lovely post! There are friendships like that and once you've found that kind of friendship then you've definitely got yourself a sister for life. I have a friend from high school. We weren't best friends but we were friends. When we were in college we would still say hi every now and then. After college she moved to Denmark and flew back to town after 3 years. We've became best friends when she moved back. We have a long distance friendship now but I do believe that she will always be a sister to me. It's just one of those friendships that you just know it is going to be around forever. =)


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