my documentary

I’ve directed a documentary!
As a lot of you know, I’ve been studying film and one of my classes this last year was Documentary Film.
We were given the opportunity to chose our own subject and portrait it the way we wanted.
I had been in love with CrossFit for a while and when it came down to presenting my idea I knew what I had to say. As a result, I took the job of directing and turned everything that was in my head into a real thing.
Me Against Myself – CrossFit OPO (2015)
I thought it was my duty to show everybody what these people can do and what they’ve been working so hard to achieve. Everybody should have a place where they belong and my coaches make sure we do. They are awesome human beings and they deserve every bit of success in the world. OPO is just like home.
The name “Me Against Myself” is obvious to anybody who knows something about this sport but to a lot of people it’s just some cute thing to say. In reality, this is the philosophic definition of CrossFit: you work really hard against your own comfort and you struggle to be better and stronger as a person not only physically but, most important, you fight to be better mentally and emotionally.
I’m really proud of the final product, not only because I think we were able to show the box and the community exactly how it is but also because so many people have been sharing and loving it.
I know it will be strange to you because you probably don’t understand Portuguese but, guess what? I made subtitles just for you! Turn them on (the button is somewhere in the bottom right section).
I hope you liked seeing a bit of my world! And please feel free to comment and share it if you want!
Thank you so much for being here and supporting my crazy mind.
(Congratulations if you were able to spot me in there!)


8 thoughts on “my documentary

  1. Lucie Palka says:

    What a great documentary! It inspires me to give it a try! Looks like something I would enjoy! You really did a great job with this video! What a great skill to have! I'm hoping to see more!


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