September has always been a month for changes. School starts and the Summer ends.
With the arrival of Autumn there was also the morning routine of getting up early and catching the subway/bus, rushing and coming home with research or homework.
This was the first September in my life that I didn’t have to go back to School… which automatically transformed it into the best September ever.
This takes us to update #1:
I graduated college!
After being only a student all my life I have to figure out how to be a grown up now. How to deal with all the responsibilities on my own. All the schedules of delivering papers are over and it’s up to me to get my things in order without help from teachers or tutors. It’s scary to jump into the unknown but it’s also so liberating to stop following the natural order of things. To don’t have to go back to the same places where (let’s be honest) I wasn’t the happiest person.
Speaking of growing up, update #2:
I’m now 22 years old.
When someone celebrates their birthday people usually ask about what they’ve learnt the past year. I’m proud to say that I’ve grown a lot as a human. Not just this year but mostly since 2013.
I had to go through a lot of personal changes and family struggles while trying to maintain a normal front for everybody else. I made sure nobody knew how hard it was and nobody did.
And when all of that was taken care of I decided to take care of myself. It feels good to be happy. To look at my life and feel comfortable. To know that I’m capable of a lot. That I’m stronger and I have the tools to be great.
Update #3:
I walked more than 200 km in 5 days.
Me and my mom walked (with a large group of people) from where we live to a Sanctuary. It’s kind of a religious thing but I didn’t actually do it because of faith in a god or saint. I did it because I needed to be there for her and also because I wanted to know that I could do it.
We walked on average 40 km a day and once we got there there was this weird feeling of peace and one sense of accomplishment I can’t describe.
We did it. It was one of the hardest things I ever did. I had a lot of pain in some tendons and joints but I pushed through it.
This brings us to update #4:
I’m taking my driver’s license!
I love cars and I’ve always wanted to drive but never felt the need to do it sooner because I would take the bus or subway to school or I could ask my parents to drive me wherever I wanted to go.
Now I need to start driving myself…
So, as a birthday gift, my family offered to pay for the license and I’ve been attending classes for a while.
And with a car I can take kids to the movies… update #5:
That’s right! I’m finally going to be able to be goofy and watch Disney movies all day and tell stories in a tent in the living room and teach new things to a tiny human.
2016 will be a great year: while one of my brothers is planning his wedding the other and his wife are having a baby so I’m obviously already planning all the fun I’m going to have in an awesome party and with this new family member. I can’t wait!
I hope your September has been great! Look forward to know your plans for this Autumn!


6 thoughts on “updates

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    What a cool experience to do that walk… I'm sure the accomplishment was amazing!
    YIPEE for no more college & for driving! What life changes are headed your way!
    Being an aunt is the BEST!!!! No doubt about it! I just took my twin nieces out this weekend & they always tell me, “Why cant dad (my brother) be like you” … its so nice being the 'cool' one 🙂


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