4 steps to have glowing skin all year round

Fall hasn’t been the most consistent season lately here in Portugal. One day is hot and sunny and the other is windy and rainy. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love cozy days in! But the sudden changes of weather can cause severe damage to our skin. 
You spend all summer outside and that great ball of fire soaks you in happiness and transforms your outer layer in an awesome glowing tanned surface.
And then gloomy and grey days appear and your once pimple free and hydrated glow disappears and you’re left with a dry, matte and not so pimple free coat.
Does this sound familiar?
Even if I’m not that prone to breaking out, I did noticed that my skin starts to get really dry and dull once these kinds of days roll in.
So I’m here today to let you know what I’ve been doing this year to prevent this scenario from happening.
The skin is our biggest organ and it protects us against so many aggressive intruders every day.
After spending a long time without exfoliating and having a few experiences of not taking off my makeup before bed, I decided to stop being lazy and take care of what is so important to my body.
I started to exfoliate at least once a week with a simple DIY sugar scrub I found online.
You just take 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of oil (olive or coconut oil) and stir it all together. If you have essential oils available use them too (2-4 drops).
Exfoliating gets rid of dead cells, unclogs pores and it also contributes to a healthier looking skin by letting it absorb lotion more effectively.
Although I’m a huge believer in natural ingredients in everyday beauty, I can’t get enough of my Dove lotion. It is a cheap moisturizer but it’s also my favorite.
It has a light consistency and my skin feels super smooth after I apply it.
Plus! Make sure you drink up!
Since I’m not a huge water fan, I’ve been drinking a lot of tea!
Herbal tea not only calms your system and nourishes your mind but it also takes care of your body.
Hydration is definitely the key to have beautiful skin.
Some say there is nothing better to release toxins from your body and skin than to sweat!
After I started doing CrossFit consistently I’ve noticed an improvement in the way my body functioned. I’m sure it had a huge impact on my skin as well!
So go ahead and do something fun. Make sure you love it. And sweat away!
Lastly, you have to get the right foods in if you want a beautiful outside.
One of my favorite meals is breakfast. And I have to say I changed a lot from when I was a teenager and would often skip it before school.
It’s hard to innovate when you don’t have much time to prepare your food. You stick to the same things everyday.
When I found this breakfast recipe page from a company called ALOHA, I was so happy! Not only was it an awesome company (and I hope they start worldwide shipping soon!) but the food is healthy and looks amazing!
Inspired by this pancake recipe I tweaked my former oatmeal ones and now I give you my favorite protein packed breakfast:
Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pancakes (serves 3 small or 2 medium).
180 ml egg whites
1 whole egg
1 “hand” of oatmeal flour
1/2 banana
dark chocolate chips to sprinkle
Get a food processor and pour the egg whites, the egg and the oatmeal flour in.
After everything is well mixed you’ll get a yellow liquid.
Cut 1/2 banana into thin slices and heat some olive oil in a pan of your choice.
A few seconds after you pour the liquid in the hot pan take a few banana slices and dark chocolate chips and sprinkle the semi pancake.
Once the bottom feels cooked turn it over.
Serve hot or cold and, personally, in this Fall weather I like to have everything with cinnamon!
I can’t say I maintain my summer tan but I keep it longer because of these tips.
And that’s how you get the ultimate glowing skin all year round. You keep it happy, healthy and youthful.
Let me know your tips for a better looking skin in this gloomy weather!

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