effortless Halloween pumpkin – DIY

This one is for all of you carving your first Halloween Pumpkin.
A confession first: I was never a huge fan of Halloween.
I’m more a Christmas and Easter kind of girl… But I do love diy’s and decor so, naturally, I was always curious about the process of carving a pumpkin and making those silly faces and cute designs.
2 years ago I think I even bought one but ended up never making anything with it.
So this is the year! My mom and I bought a cute medium sized orange friend and got together to make something out of it. It was a first for both of us.
You’ll need:

a pumpkin
knives and spoons
(we started of with just one of each and ended up having a bunch of them gathered on the table)
2 bowls
a pen
a small candle
Start by picking your sharpest and strongest knife and be careful while you cut the top of the pumpkin. The seeds are just below that so, once you separate the little hat with the knife, you can pull it.

Next, take all of the seeds and gooey stuff to a separate bowl.
Now it’s time to do the the hard work. Prepare for some serious arm workout.
Take a spoon (ours is one of those little spoons to cut small balls out of fruit) and have fun scraping everything from the inside.
Here’s the fun part. Grab the pen and draw something to carve! Go online, find a cute or funny or scary pumpkin face to give you inspiration or just start drawing your own design.
I really like those cute silly smiles with just a few teeth, so mine ended up being friendly and not so original nor scary.
After you draw your lines, carve away! But be careful because of the thinness of the skin. Now your knife may cut easily and slip away from the lines with just a tiny push.

Light a small candle and carefully insert it. Cover the top hole with the hat you cut previously.
And there you have it! Your own Jack-O-Lantern!
Hope you have fun this Halloween!
(I kept the seeds and roasted them. Recipe coming out soon!)

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