planning a baby shower

Finding out you’re going to be an aunt is wonderful enough. But when you’re also asked to be the little guy’s godmother, you immediately freak out.
“Can you imagine meeting a new person? A new, NEW person?”, said my usual excited self. “And being able to mold and teach them? It’s a fresh start. It’s one of the most amazing opportunities in the world. To get to know someone from the beginning and be able to watch them grow and hopefully become a better individual than you are.”
Well, it is pretty awesome! And soon after I found out I would have this new experience I promised I would plan the Baby Shower. I went on Pinterest and looked for inspiration, searched the web for designs and ideas.
I made the invitations, sent them and buried myself in plans to make sure it was perfect. Or at least the best I could make it.
Of course I didn’t do it alone. I had the best help I could ask for. 
Here is a sneaky first look at the decor and DIY’s.
Cake and Cupcakes from Sweet and Easy
Some decor elements from Docinho de Açúcar
Let me know what you think about my party planning skills and tell me if you’d like to see the invitations, how I made these candles and more!

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