let go

As you grow up you start to realize that cutting people out of your life is ok. Sometimes this happens on its own, but on other occasions you have to do it yourself.These decisions are permanent and they don't need to come from a vindictive place. Most of the times they are a loving and … Continue reading let go

Honestly... I miss writing! I miss so many things...Starting posts and never ending them. This has been my blogging life.I consider myself a lazy person. The kind of human that prefers to be inside, safe and comfortable rather than outside, doing things. And this goes for almost anything. If the unknown is captivating I'll try … Continue reading


I'm here today to talk about my most recent passion. If you've read my blog before (and I mean before my Houdini performance - my big disappearing act from this platform), you know that running was almost all I've done to be healthy. But let's rewind to last August!It was the middle of a not so … Continue reading CrossFit

Meet Flash

I've discovered that having a puppy is just like having a human baby... without the labor pain and hormones.This is just a quick introduction. A proper one is being prepared!In the meantime go take a look at their Facebook page and Instagram! I hope you're having an amazing day! :)Follow me through these little buttons: